Trickster Union

Courage, Strength and Hope

The Mourner I knew yesterday
Sponsored relief
Exhaling development roundly.

Conduit to Expression
Prompting New search in Old directions.

Pumping full of Mastery and Nowness
Urgency never Parses.




















My Attempt.
Just Ploy.

To confirm Everyone’s Superstition,
That I am a Druggie.

I use my Medication for a purpose not intended,
It is my past, I can only continue to Improve.
Where to go from Turned Out of a Good environment.
Because I tripped myself.
That is my Past.

Today I put in a good effort at moving around and eating.
All the while not my best effort, but O.K..
I did not have to use.
















Gone are the Good Old Days.
Dual Diagnosed, Hunger Listens Closely to Stomachs Idle Chatter.

Medication Modification by the Doctor brings Sorrow.
Brain Function seems Improved.

Lovely Breakfast here at Leo’s.
Late for work,
Rations wait only for I.

“Your Gonna do it Bubba, Do it Big!”



















Petrified Mood lets go of Time’s Pendulum.
Progress Ensues.

Once Familiar Surroundings Fortify Refurbishment.
In some cases Freshness, Invigorating Landscape
Festival of Dashing Synergy.

Nullification reducing Tender Variety
Let Ring Bells of Lucid Expanse
Loosing Cannons of Initiative While Marmalading over Ruckus Abandon.

Hearty Torque and Horsepower Differential
Only Balancing Power Surges.
Increasing the Traction of Soul.

Mind and Mood meet Periodically Discussing Attitude and Emotion.
Calling to Mind Purpose of Action.
Motion Facilitates Bleary Guitar.
Inside Motley Blues.
Tune of Heartbreak, Rose Minor.

Once again Powerless awaiting Command of Aloof Nature
Forcing Consequence against Nonsense of Insecurity.

Totem’s Robe Spread apart revealing Satire and Ironies.
Pad Hand.
Jagged Jig Saw of Perpendicular Consciousness
Feedback of a Martyrs Taps
Subtle Irony Traps
G-Up an otherwise Tripe Conglomerations GIGO
Fueling Latest IPO Conquering Red Hat.








Lou sang Albino Blues about Junkie’s Revenge.
Being an Addict is Part Junkie.

Must be Careful not to Overstep Lurching Bohemian Caretaking.
Affords Love of Self while Program Vanishes,
Calling a Darker Mood to Prevail.

Wailing out of Self Pity
“What has Dispatched me to this Rank Existence?”
And Furthermore:
“Why is it That I am not to Succeed at This?”

Cornerstone Resentment
Warmly Cherished Robe of: “I did my Best.”

Weeps for forgotten Days of Good Humor.
When Fingers Themselves could lift the weight of Addiction’s Pendulum
Bringing it to the Pursed Lips of Junkie’s Pride
Into the Escapist Lungs
Smoke of Abuse
Course through Veins of Dead End

Journey of Healing
Recapturing that Childhood Outlook on Life
Show me Infant’s Recovery.
Developing a Keen Excitement and Joy at each Day’s Lessons.











Salaried Existence lead me to a Profitable Ringside Seat.
Where Capitalism’s Rollercoaster may be observed through Binoculars Earned with Dividend Checks.

Salesperson of Vanity’s Footlocker
Irritates the Anti-Consumer.
Voiding out future Credit of Heartland Soul.

Luxury Items of an Intangible nature are of the Rarest Caliber and Hardest to Procure.

Solid Piece of Mind.

Noble Mind and Heart.

Must Have:
Patience and a Forgiving Temperament.

An Impeccable sense of Gratitude and Merit.

A Warm and Friendly Demeanor in Exchanging Critical Truth or Consequences.

These are the Advertisements that should take the Place of Monumental, Material Megalomania.
Strickening Honesty’s Conscious.










Sharing a Myth among the Mirth.
Show me that Step.
Hoping the Sanity Returns to Me.
Coping the Glee.

Residual Royalties of Sobriety.
Makeshift Shelter of Recovery

Surplus of Hope
Refraining the Dope
Fill up on Service Work.

Team up on Resentments and Doldrums
Let newfound Self Respect Trump old Feelings of Worthlessness.

Turn instead a New Bayou of Cajun Stomp.

Reboot New Software over the Childhood Gravity of Playground Scars.
Intercepting Variables before Ingesting Toxins of Unpreparedness.

Why is it hard Sharing around a Table of Listeners?

Carlos and Vautrin
I had to Part with you guys
Because I could not be Fair to you.
Chain and Throttled You.

Suffered the Days even when I was Attentive
Please forgive me for my Solution
While it was not an Easy Decision
I know that you are better off.

Coffee Drama Heightens.







Mood of Altercation
While the Gatherers Drone of Living.

Modish Foolhardiness
Drinking Euro trash Nightmares
Sure to convolute any Prestigious Issue that Tramples Forth from Airheadedness.

Side-affect Reaction to Lonesome Desolation
Leads the Mind back to Plot
Mere Filler
While the Theme is Lost or Forgotten in Ascending Action.

Climax at the Hutt.
Hip ones Driving the Morrow on.
These Contemporaries
Pardon my Dismay

Casual Mocking of Star Wars Generation
Do not Disavow Lucas’ Vision
With Airy Banter
Loosely Based on Bad Head Space.

Where are the Kernels of Real Vivid Motion?
Not Sounding Rehearsed Against a Backdrop of Condescending Pretension
The Moment of Brats Reeks.

Who’s Shop ready Passion Buds under Club Like Conditions
Whose Impulse needs Pruning at the Bare Mention of the Visa Platinum.

Rescind BMW Happiness on a Volkswagen budget if only to Stick with the Theme.
A less Flashy more Function oriented America.

Let us remember the Contagious Gratitude that Holiday Seasons Cultivate all through the Year.
Setting aside Commonplace Disagreements for a Larger Sense of Purpose
Even if Held Back, Stifled, Duplicate, Cast Out, Downtrodden, Rebuked, Tormented, Belittled, Mocked or Scorned.
The Voice of Our Creator Emanates from inside Us.
The Voice may take the shape of Art, Music and Dance.




Mother of Neutrality
Blew Back the Loses
Fifty Years Today.

Pen Grows Weak
Spinning Fervor
Cosmic Spot
Find Me Searching Out April First Deadline.




















Shade of Hue

Blue Sterile
Brown Work
Red Freedom
Green Ease
Purple Valor
Yellow Mastery
Black Formal
Gray Holy
White Cherished
Round Even
Square Sharp
Triangle Pure
Rectangle Smart
Octagon Thoughtful
Hexagon Creative
Orange Study.















Burning Hot Java.
Not for Students
Make it to Cana
Not for Bandwagoneers
Shed the Cult
For the True Downlow
Where we got Nerve and Spunk

Resourceful Program
Willing to Lend In as Much

Not so Much Leeching
As in Offering a Shot in the Arm.
Against an Addictive Virus.

















No More Tearful Recognizance Work
Gawking Boldly at the Machine
Go Around Lurking Enterprise
Entities Require Ones in Need of Second Home.






















Mosaic Moodiness
Copy Cat Mirror
Playthings of a Capitalistic Afghan
Spare Me Leg Work of Drones

Catapult, Better yet Shot Put Steady Employment in my Direction
Largely Spanning Researchers and Grant
Lend Bluegrass Shantiness Over the Heads of Affluent Dandelions.
Fuzzy In Place of Yellow.

The Jocularity of an Evening Telemarketer
Pleads Another Conspiracy
Short Term Garbage Inventory
Doomsday Generosity.

Spitting Chips and Digits
Drooling want Ads
E-Mailed Spam
Can’t Predict DOW Dropping

Sure did Enjoy Amway
Until Ravaged by an E-Bay Metamorphosis.













Vice Twice
Ollie North’s Circle “K”
Undercover Innuendo
Wax Nostalgic
Crossing Hill Street Blue.

Chief Pontiac’s Trickster Cycle
Keep Expressions Freedomless
Preservation of Culture’s Vault
Shadowless Spotlight in the Trenches of Inner City

Researching the Golden Age of Video
Common Man Hero
Toil Surrendered
Sacrificing Runs in Order to Appeal Sacred Free
Abject Liberty

Spoils Worth the While
Crockett and Tubbs

Home style Decadence
Reverberates Leisure Ambition
Sockless in Topsiders
Pastel Polos
Collars Up Turned

Run DMC Ambivalence
Challenger Tardy
Space our Frontier
Reckon through Rock
Roll Along

A-Team’s Romance with Cooperation
Harmony should have the name of the Squads Scarab.  







Harbor Me
As Imponderables Cast in the Way

Your Mystery is Grand, Enchanting and Sublime

Your Luck Gracious, Intoxicating, Divine

Mercy to Share Grace to Lend
Hope to Distill My Prayer’s Chime

The Understanding Zealot that you are
Sharing Appeal
As if Broken Bread Rent the Great Seal

Words of Nourishment
Hunger Belay

While Stilts and Crutches Serve as Prop
Propelling Dali’s Canvas
Infinite Abstraction

Gracious Savior
The End.













Some Day
Found out A Month Runs out
Of Weary Traffic Stream

Calming Patrons
Guide me the Way

Path of Autorama Air Dams
Rims Speed Along
Tinted Black Mirrors
Woofers Plot Treble Louvers
Cell Phone Antenna
Translucent Static
Rude Brass Imitated
Chrome and Lost

The Former Being Fussier than Thou

Pools out Grander Follies
While Hemingway’s Cue gives way to Balsa
Green Shutter Bug
Envious only of Visions
Seers Wanted The Classifieds read.

While an entirely Different Aspect of you
Waist for Me Metaphorically
Promising Rash Counter Ambiance
To Negate Refined Stoplights and Fireplugs

Verbs are Vernacular
Pronoun’s Pun
What becomes of Forgotten Punctuation?

Chopped Onions
Yellow Season
Meat Lava
Is the smell described to me by Travelers
Seeking Flair of Island Spoiler.

9 Mile Due Process
I forgot my Smile
As it went off to Floss.

Evergreen Prude
Prude Graffiti Mirrors Symbolism’s Pride
Backwashed by Forensic Cursing
Between Breath and Tooth

Model Year Changes Abruptly
Against Revamped Taillights

Ford Mustang
Pit of Evolution

Davidson’s Motor works
Turned out Chassis
And Cams Minted Milwaukee Style
Over One Hundred

Garland Bows
Illustrating Cyclical Calendar
Wrought Over Manic Ganderings of Cool
Times Barometrically Interspersed
By Columns of Tepid Pulp
Voo Doo Vamped the Forte
While Native American Intellect Spoked the Tone.















Curtly Ways and Means to Spidery Splash
Rally’s Dash
World Climax

Jesus and Maylin
Surveying the Mass Destruction
Fill Up Noodle
Thievery of Lesser Goal

Excessive Verbiage
Lingo Trot
Ecstasy Roll
Fabric of Hip
Cassidy Hop.

















City of Midwest Sensibility.
Where all Aspire to Superstardom
Iron Horse Style
City Model ‘T’
Ford Gold Unify Downtowns
Rein Us In
Showboating Whirlwind Excess
Bring about a People Mover

Renaissance, The Birth
Hub of Artistry
Haste in Chaste Leisure Time
Enjoyment Planning Industry
For Expectant Town and City
Glorify Pretty
Telescoping Heritage
Hatchback of Liberty.

Cadillac Square
Bring us Compuware and Parks

Cass up your Sass
Bark Empowerment’s Brash
Museum of African American Art
Hospitalize the Craze of Reagan’s Daze
When Dope Cracked up the Scene

Plod Wide Track Down
Jefferson Side as pulsating All Stars
Trigger Remote Past

Tearing up last years Revelation
Because Lack of Interest
Revolutionized the Mainstream
Motown Fresh.






Cherry Day
Newest Way
Furnished Horizons
Fortified Bivouac Staked Out and Dry.

Skipping Billie Holiday
Coffee Joint Lonesome
No Crying Out from Littered Business
Only Smooth Retail Frosty.

U.N. Heard Powell Propaganda
Not Much Else to Say
Feel Threat of a Rattler’s Tail
Jingling in the Dark
Ready to Sympathize with the Enemy
Nerve Gas for All.

While you May have Smote our Vanity
Tried to Mute our Unified Hostility
You Brought out Freedom’s Warrior
Like a Good Eagle Scout
We will Snare Your Ignorance
Until it Suffocates Your Hollywood Attempts
At wounding Us Again.

By Appealing to a Power Greater than Ourselves
We Shall Wear the Brunt of Cold War Tactics as our Petticoat
Fear Possesses the Nations
We shall Enact our “Bold” War
Playing on Liberty’s Battlefield.

Our Delivered Ordinance Hall be the Victuals of Enlightenment
From True God and Allah’s Brow
All the More Potent Because of Lesser Support

Tribes Spoken on Protest of Ruler’s Spite
Lead us through a Nuclear Night
Space Bomb Their Roost
Love to Holler “Mecca”
Because Our Dazzling Herd is Hoarse from ‘Not in Our Name.’

Laugh it to the Rubble of Your Cities



Frigid Digits
Everyone Laments
Frozen Precipitation
Great Lakes Region
Stifling Evening Commute.

Traction Fouled Up
Slickery Conditions with a Touch of Dinghy Slush
How does the Motor City Fare?

Slowly at Best
Like a Cautious Child Riding without Training Wheels for the First Time
Snow.  Intimidation
For those Not used to Flurries
Dangerous Stickiness
Heaven’s Coating
The Black Pavement
With a White Icing
Glazed over Ice to be Sure.

Ditch Divers and Rear-enders Delight
Trying to Mask our Road Ways with Use of Imported Salt from Canada.

Bundle Masses
Foot Traffic Reduced to Tearful Crawl
President’s Day, South East, Detroit, Michigan.

Pricking Up of Ground Hog’s Ears
Another Six Weeks the Animal Quotes

Winter Wearing Thin
Talk of Fashion Rumor, Sellout

Someone Relapsed Bringing it Home Again
Explorations Drift
School of Kill Myself by the End of the Day.

Day Brings Rebirth
Phoenix Style

From a Valentine Rebound
Pick Up Birthday Treats
Flowers that Fell

All Star Beat
Urban Camo Militant Hottie

“I’m not Walking.”

Trench Coat Chic
Once Labeled only for Pervs
Now Stylish for High Schoolers Clique and Wit

Borderline Comment:
“Gays are Stupid.”





















Time’s Shadow
Deploys Possibilities
Until Charm Suffers a Long Way Off.

Midday Pornographers Stint
Juxtaposed across a Pile of Jinx
Teary Eyed Partners in the Cold
Hat, Gloves and Scarf. 




















Mason of Imperialism
Colony of Crude Cowardice
Lurking Weapons
Hunting Quarry

The Bird of Nobility Preys
Descending Ostracism
League of Nations
Inspected Web of Deceit
Layered Misdeeds Focus in on Zero

Halting the Arms
Time Dissolves
Manifest Diplomacy
Turgid Justice
Prevailing Against the Will of the Peoples

Spare No Patriot
Lame Deeds
Resolute Secrecy

Mid East Sorcery
Shook Allah Again
Disturbing World Tranquility

Mass Destruction Turntables
Wobble But they Don’t Fall Down

Republican Regime
Tyrant’s Extreme
Liberating Devilry Between
Phallic Excess and Oily Discharge

‘Field’ Goal
Hang in the Balance

Crap Shoot for Imperial ‘Bricklayer’

No matter Who Wins ‘War of Paranoia’
Lest we forget Korea
North versus South
Blue versus Gray
World Slavery
Choking Down the Belief
That right through Might Equals Attainment of Finer Global Delegation
Resulting in Cowboy Paganism
Darwin Achievers
Poppy the Sailor Man.






















Airbrushed Seduction
Tendrils of Desire
Fermenting Lust Carven Hearts
Document the Awkward Silence.






















Like Burning Rome, Nero’s Dance

Mural Mosaic
Organic Transcendence
Spare us Machine of Technology.

Disemboweling the Green Spirit
Choking Muddled Horizon
For Beacons of Babel’s Glee

Free up Mourners of Pavement Excess
Laud Temperamental
Posing of Dice or Bones

Armored Juggernaut
Riddles Handicapped Civilians
By Heckling Blue Light
Instigating Production’s Pains

Lest Forgetful Nature Lends
Hypocrisy Hands
Wanton Polo Plays Calvin Klein Blues on a muted Armstrong Trombone

Wielding Urbania as Truth
Is like Selling Fiction to the Funny Pages
Laughable at First but Indian Giving at Best

Playing Fiddle While a Mecca Smolders
Inappropriately Describes Destructive Fascination acting out of an
Addict’s Lucid Dream

A Laughing Pall Bearer
Is in Poor Health
When Ferrying the Corpse of an Honest Living.

Whose Barbs and slings of what Outrageous Fortune?

Strive to Reign in Glories Promise
On a Laborious Treaty to Recapture the Environment Forgotten in the Ruins of Prosperities Metropolis.




The Sunlight Scorches Midnight Reality
Taken Aback
Yo MTV Raps!
What’s the Dizzel?
Give me Sobriety or Give Me. . .
To Def No FX
Are you talking about ‘Deca’ again?
Perfect ‘10’
Sunshine Liberty.




















Gradual Struggle
Refining the Host
Cloning the Matter
Stealing the Ghost.

Turmoil Despair
Protesting the Air
Damaging Image Freedom Amuck
Startling Linage
Manual Distrust
Harping a Chord
Surrender the Fret
War in Mid East
The Surest of Bets.

















Suckle Abyss
Scales of Measurability
Mad Ink Flowing over Fearful Pulp

Cosmetic Shoeshine of
Beneficial Sequestering
Parts of Adolescence Smeared by Runaway Sled Dogs

Usage and Dose
Fornicate with me for Awhile
So that all may Get High Cognitively

New Light shedding Truth
Salt Dust
Navigating the Dusk of Where we Left Off

Playground Showdown
Contentment in Reaping another Increment
Shared by Open Minders

Willingness to Surrender
The Trunk of Falsehood’s Tree
Disemboweled Root and Branch
For Lovers of Honesty

Seek Not White Knuckled Will Power
Nor Heavily Availed Half Measures

For through Fibers of Longevities Coolish Briskness
Section off Variables and Margins of Rote Parenthood
Let your Babies Roll and Fly
In the Skies of Glorified Sanctity

The Blue Moon of your Reason’s Confirmation
May Rise and Set Against a Backdrop of Restorative Teachibility
Pressing further into the Driftwood Beaches of Independence Isles
Humoring us at the Point of our Honorable Revelations at Another’s Thickly Wooded Wit.
Making our Defects into Playthings for our Newly Minted American Spirit.





Ecosystem Wrought
Corporate Welfare Suckled and Teethed upon Mother Industries Teat until it Dried Up and Blew Away
Bouncing Bad Checks in Technologies Wake
Wheeler Dealer Hang Up the Cell.

Labor’s Persistence Perseveres
Shotgunning Hope While Earning the Keep.

‘Watchtower’ Hendrix’s tribute to Dylan,
Guitar that won’t be Understood for another Thirty.

M.C. Unum.
Bloodhound Tribe.
Laurels of Octavius.

Mood Blues.
Ides of March.
Season of the Environment.
Nurture the Child Within Us.

All Music makes Us Feel Good.
Sonic Mess, Distortions Calling Card.
Wave Interference.
Diffraction of Principle.

Escapist Expression,
Mighty Stimulus,
Shelter Us from the Fury of Insurrection.










“We Meet again Blond of Ambition.”
On the Corner of Hope and Glory.

Old Woman of Conflict waits across Glory Street
In need of a Ride.

Will the Youthful Protesters Pick her up?

Only Old Man of Greed can offer her a Ride.
Together they shall Traverse the Avenue of Sorrow
Into the Corridor of Regal Development
To Stay at the Summer Home of Proletarian Gray.

Young Man of Obnoxiousness Remove your Suit from the Rack of Improvement
So that we may Invite the Culture back into the Hutt.

Can we Survive the Future Knowing our War like Past?

Call to Furniture Upheaval next door at the Gallery of Posh and Pomp.















Jolted Conspiracy,
By Suited Ones Hurtling Thunderbolts Across, In and Around Environment.

Odyssey Way Home, Recovering Child Like Innocence after Autumn’s Ill Rebuke.

Testimony to the Supernatural.
New York Telemachus
Trojan War Helen
Beauty Not Faded.

Only the True Shaman can Temper Washington’s Cherry Tree Axe.
Surrender the Honesty so that all May become Willing.
Turn Over their Will to the Coming of Peace.

Use the Patriotism in the Breasts of the Countrymen
Not as Spurn to Contempt and Ridicule
But as a Learning Implement Instead.

View Imperialism as a Gauntlet not Thrown Down in Haste of Materialistic Decay
But as a Fortification to Ensure anther Interlude.

Throw out the Suitors and Iagos
No Ocular Proofs Heeded

The Sirens and Titans, Cyclops
Rear their Head
As the Bone Machine is Fired Up.

Choose the Course of Healing and Rectification
Rather than Cheap Destruction and Callousness.

Let Bravery and Virtue Guide
Rather than Ignorance and Butchery.

Shed the Blood of Enemies in Symbols and Deeds.

“This do in Remembrance of Liberty.”

Only Ulysses can Bend the Bow
And in doing so Unnerved the Anxious Suitors.

For in Seeking to Defile Our Land’s Serenity
The Pillagers of Democracy
Fanned the Flames of Freedom and Valor.

The Squalls of Armistice Shall Heave to.
Argos Shall Know thy Master’s Touch.
Even Disguised as a Peon.

The Mighty Jawbone of Expression Shall Remedy
The Calculated Injustice of Rebels Gross Anatomy
Severing the Head of Baptized Ignorance.






















Still Looking for a Few Good Men and Women
To Bring Back Wally and Beav
From Heartbreak Ridge.

Pachyderm Syringe Feeds Meathead’s Mule.

Revenge of AOL and Time Warner Sure to be Another Blockbuster Tooth Decay.
Tinkerbelle was the Ferrywoman of the River Styx.
 Where Shades of the Police and Tangerine Dream Visited me Showing the Way Home from another Campaign.

Words must be Spilled before Spoiling Uncracked Cases.
Fire truck Yellow Red 50 Blue 50
Any other Shade wouldn’t be True.

Swatch Vanity
K-Swiss Pride

Hughes Great Goose
Stainless Steel Gluttony
Delorean’s Marred Smuggle

Back to the Future
Yeah so our Country Picks Oiled Messes
Not to Curdle their Masses in Pursuit of Infamy

Kuwait Round II
Beck Cruise Control
Don’t drop Pontiac’s Tomahawk.

Pass those Milk Scuds, Rather Duds.

Victoria’s Secret Models Phat
Triple Goose Down Fat.

Hogan’s Rock?
Billy the Zero
Toro! Toro! Toro!

Surrender the Good Old Days Back again
When All you had to do was Show Up

The Surplus of the 1980’s
And the B-52’s Foiled Grungy 1990’s
Cobain Unhappiness
While Love Brought Alice back from the Hole
Cheshire Cat Now we Know why you Smile!

Even the Flappers Donated Panty Hose.




















Tournament of Excess
Crude Ground
Missile Tag
Made the Meeting
Seconds Split
“Grateful to be Here.” Punchline
Curb Desire
Smoking Empire
“All I got is Loose Change.”
Dash Lightly
Prudence Exile
Grind Tempo
Jaw Snapping
New World Ordered
Scott Vanished with the Gospel
Blue Prints Swirled
Cat Mug
Shots: Two.
















Boredom Crickets
Laundry Room Beatles
Narrate around the Corner
Reminding me of the Finer Choices in Life.

Working a Program
Relapse not in the Equation
Handling the Problems of Life with Necessary Insulation.

Work Drying Up
Economy in a Tear Down
How Long can I Survive on a Shilling?
Where are you Coming from Comforting Income?
So I may Lavish My Attention on a Garden, Study or Den.

Too Soon to be Asking for such Liberation.
In the time of My Father or the Group.
Must learn Adaptability
Humility at Stake.

Modes of Homeland Peace
Where the Space Provided is for Eternal Use.

Open Doors of Provocation
That Thoughts Looking for a Nest
May be well Cultivated

Ample Time to Rescind Anger and Hate
Contract Renegotiate with Terms of Understanding
Like Tolerance, Open Mindedness, Willingness, Honesty, Faith, Resolve.









Culture Quick
World Fumbled
Turning Trick
Postal Sick
Toxic Weapons
No Addict
Mercy Spirit
Describe the Merit
Free World Share It.



















Perry Ellis
Summit Hopes
Playas Dream
Gals Chick Groovy Supreme
Cherished Men Pseudo Clean
Make Up Tight
Stalk the Ill Shoe Trap
Desdemona’s Dare
Totally Verve
 Max Headroom’s Byte
Return of Etch-A-Sketch
Foil Spite
Reunite Superstar Wager
Detroit ‘Stranger’
Dr. Jack
Red Bloods
Blue Crypt
The Folk?
Nautica Fly
Atari, Nintendo
Made it Back.