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Jeff Bad Passion Maylin, Live at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak, 02-12-09


 Submitted by Kate, November 2009

 this liquor

don't make anything different

at least when i smoked

there was a cloud to blur things

Broken 2004, Drafted by: Holmes

Can't go back.

Can't go home.

Though you've been told everything is gone.

When everything is gone you'll risk it all.

Hoping you might find something inside that will ease your troubled mind.

There is heartache behind each door.

When you try to fix a life that's shattered, there is always a few pieces that you can't find.

The ones you do find don't fit together right most of the time.

Broken pieces are like broken bridges, they look safe, yet you could get hurt trying to fix them or by crossing them.

Some cross troubled waters, Some have a keeper, and some require a toll.

Some are meant to last forever,

Some are made of stone,

Some are made to be crossed together,

Some you must go alone.

I have set some bridges alight and they have failed to burn!

I am praying for forgiveness.

So here I go trying to carry a heavy load.

Knowing I broken bridges in my time.

I am unsure about my steps as I am crossing my broken bridges.

Each step, I am closer to crossing one more bridge in my life.

So now, each day is a new and sunny day.

No clouds gloom the sky, yet it starts to rain.

My defenses hit the ground and they shatter all around so open and exposed.

But I found strength in the struggles and I now stand face to face to them.

When you are broken in a million little pieces,

You try but you can't hold on anymore.

Just don't stop believing in yourself when your broken.

Little boy, don't be so blue!  I know what you're going through so, don't let it beat you up!  Hitting walls and getting scars!! Only makes you who you are.

No matter how much your heart is aching, there is beauty in the breaking. better days are going to find you once again; every piece shall find it's place.

The broken pieces shall be transformed into the most beautiful stained glass window for all to see!!