Trickster Union

Modern American Mythology

Greetings!  My name is James Plopa, Jr.  I am an aspiring author who is constructing a modern American myth at this site. "Trickster" in honor of the native American tricksters, and "Union" for the original 13 colonies.  To your left, you will notice several different sections of the site, I will now outline what each part means in relation to each other part.  The 'Prelude' page is my mission statement and an image of myself.  'Verse' is a sample of poetry, I do hope you will enjoy. 'Prose' is a short story. 'In the Shadow of the Moon' is a series of short stories that is tied into the main body of text 'Deca.'  'Visions' are pictures and scenes of the landscape.  'Verse of the Day' is where I compose a poem on any given day, and is interactive, as you may leave comments or poems of your own. 'Suggested Pursuits' is my cite page where nouns (people, places and things) have influenced me. 'Engage' is how to contact me should you have any questions. 'Forums' are pretty self explanatory, however should you have something lively to say, it may make it's way into the text in this fashion we are all drafting the myth.  'The Deer Trail Ceremony' is the completed work of poetry that ties into the main body of text, 'Deca.'  'Shaman's Classified' is my guest page.  'Deca' (from the greek "10" perfect number!) is the main body of text.  Currently, you are 'home,' (landing page, if you will) and I do encourage you to visit and visit often.  As diverse as these parts are, they are as diverse as the culture that we see in America (ergo: "theme")  I consider Trickster Union my writing garage, I am the author/mechanic working on my myth/hot-rod and I have asked the neighbors to come by and watch me strip a few bolts.  The material is uncut with minor editing, typos abound but it is in the nature of flux.  Happy reading and I look forward to seeing you in the forums!